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In October 2021, the Northampton footwear brand Tricker’s and its exclusive distribution partner in China, Melchers, jointly established the first Authorised Service Centre for Tricker’s shoes in Shanghai. Over the past year, the Service Centre has effectively enhanced the local customer experience by providing shoe repair and maintenance services to the customers of Tricker’s products in Shanghai and other cities and regions across China, giving each pair of Tricker’s a completely refreshed look and function. Below is a special selection of three real customer stories from the Service Centre.

1. Customization

To meet the company’s dress code, Mr. Li (pseudonym), a local customer from Shanghai, purchased a pair of Tricker’s Black Belgrave leather shoes at the Service Centre. The client also wished to have these classic toecap Oxford brogue shoes articulating his personal taste and aesthetic. In response to the customer’s specific needs, Tricker’s Authorised Service Centre suggested a mirror finish to the upper. This minor change to the layer brings more dimension to the style, highlighting the unique character of the owner.

2. Adherence to Sustainability

The pair of Tricker’s special co-branded Stow leather boots were bought by Mr. Zhang (pseudonym) in Japan many years ago. The uppers had been carefully cared for with only minor imperfections, while the soles had deteriorated and cracked beyond use. The Service Centre replaced them with the original UK Commando soles and heels, patched the upper with the original specialist colour filler, and polished the boots with shoe wax as well as disinfected the leather lining and insole with alcohol. The repaired Stow boots became both functional and aesthetically pleasing again, preserving the customer’s special memories of his beloved boots, while adhering to sustainability as the brand core of Tricker’s.

3. Original Quality Assurance

Mr. Wang (pseudonym), sent a pair of Tricker’s Espresso Belgrave from out-of-town to the Service Centre and requested heel replacement. During the repair process, it was found out that the original heel was from a special batch produced by Tricker’s in the early years and should be only available in discount shops in Europe. Although the material used at the time was also environmentally friendly in line with EU requirements, it had been out of use for many years and the materials and processes had been updated in the meantime. The Service Centre replaced the shoes with Tricker’s latest original Dove heels. After the uppers were cleaned and maintained, the shoes were brought back to top quality.

Commenting on the local service offered by the Service Centre, Mr. Martin Mason, Managing Director of R E Tricker Ltd, said,
“Conserving and repairing, rather than simply buying something new and replacing, is at the heart of our manufacturing process, and we try to ensure that you’re getting a shoe that will stay with you for a long time when you buy from us.
There are 260 individual processes in the making of a pair of Tricker’s country boots and along with the Goodyear welt construction of Tricker’s they are designed to allow for them to be rebuilt and repaired by the Shanghai Service Centre, by local experts carrying out the utmost in skilful craftsmanship and shoemaking experience.”

The Tricker’s Authorised Service Centre is located in Dingxi Road in Shanghai. It is equipped with professional and modern shoe maintenance and repair equipment and instruments. Under the supervision of Melchers China, the Service Centre provides customer education, repair, maintenance, and other after-sales services to the customers of Tricker’s products.

Tricker’s Authorised Service Centre
Address: 1318 Dingxi Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00-20:00
Tel: 400 0067 082/ 021-62120990/ 19901637908
Email: [email protected]

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