Aluminum Extrusion and Processing

China’s aluminum extrusion market is experiencing significant growth due to growing demands from the end-user industries such as automotive, aviation, and building & construction. Extrusion of aluminum in China reached a historic high of 21,380 kt in 2020, an increase of 6.8% YoY.

At Melchers, we have solutions for aluminum extrusion plants, including heating technologies for extrusion containers, die ovens, tools, and special coated extrusion dies to produce accurate, complex aluminum profiles. We represent premium manufacturers from Germany in Mainland China of aluminum processing machinery, who are global market leaders in their fields.

Since our start in Greater China more than 150 years ago, we strive to represent our partners in a way that suits their specific requirements for long-term success. Read here what one of our long-standing partners says about our cooperation:

“For more than a decade WEFA® is enjoying the partnership with Melchers. We can grow our China business remarkably due to the excellent support of a very engaged and knowledgeable team.

Melcher’s sales activities and technical services for WEFA®’s leading die technology and CED® are very well appreciated by our Chinese customers. Melchers is always receptive to new market trends and developments and provides us with detailed, well researched market reviews and studies.

We are looking forward to many more prospering years to come in regard to this perfect customer support and say sincerely THANK YOU.”


Our Brand Partner

Marx GmbH & Co. KG

Since 1962, Marx GmbH & Co. KG has been providing optimal solutions for all extrusion technology requirements:

  • Multi-zone heating systems for containers
  • High-power cartridges (1-3 zones)
  • Quick-connect systems
  • Multipoint thermocouples
  • Air cooling regulation units
  • Preassembled ring connector sets


Since 1972, WEFA has been an innovative partner for the production of extrusion dies used in the automotive and construction industries as well as in electrical engineering.

WEFA has patented a process of the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology coating surfaces of extrusion dies to enhance their overall performances. These dies are sold worldwide under the trademark Coated Extrusion Dies (CED®)

Versions of Coated Extrusion Dies( CED®):

  • Cartridge dies (interchangeable CVD coated cartridge dies are fitted into die-holder and backer)
  • Flat dies (coated die plate with backer and feeder plate if required) and porthole dies (plate and mandrel is entirely coated)
  • Sandwich dies (one or more coated plate and mandrel inserts fitted into a long-life die holder)

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