Chemical & Petrochemical

Selling machinery, industrial materials and spare parts in China has been a core business activity of Melchers for over 50 years. All the sales and marketing strategies which we develop and put in place for our brand partner are geared to the different regions of China and the industries that we serve. We also offer after sales servicing throughout the entire lifespan of our brand partners’ products across China. We ensure fast response times through our own local engineers and operate service and repair centers as well as warehouses.

Our Brand Partner

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

As a technological market expert for laboratory equipment of exceptional quality in the food processing and chemicals industry, Brabender GmbH & Co.KG come up with optimal solutions for all clients‘ needs — flexible, professional solutions that require the full spectrum of our expertise.

Optical Control Systems

Optical Control Systems (OCS)‘s raw material inspection systems are the solution for optical, rheological and physical polymer properties control, guaranteeing optimal polymer quality with respect to polymerisation, processing and application, whether online or offline.


PIXARGUS specializes in systems for automatic surface inspection and the dimensional measurement of continuously produced long products, such as profiles, tubing, tubes, cables and webs in a wide range of materials, and also for single-piece inspection.

Schäfer HPT

Schäfer High Pressure Technologies designs and manufactures tank cleaning equipment for oil storage tanks.

There is no more need to use manual labour entering the dangerous atmosphere to clean the storage tanks.

There is no more need to flush storage tanks blind with a roof top lance system.

Schäfer HPT offer a spray canon solution to clean storage tanks up to Ø100m in a fast and efficient way. The cleaning time is shorter compared to any conventional cleaning system on the market.

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