Plastic and rubber processing technology and quality control has been one of our core competences for decades. We work closely with leading European manufacturers, providing strong support both locally and from Europe through dedicated, experienced sales and service staff in our various markets.

Local customers include private local and foreign multinationals as well as institutional and academically driven R&D.

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Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

As a technological market expert for laboratory equipment of exceptional quality in the food processing and chemicals industry, Brabender GmbH & Co.KG come up with optimal solutions for all clients‘ needs — flexible, professional solutions that require the full spectrum of our expertise.

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Main Products


GERLACH MASCHINENBAU is a well-known manufacturer of machines for hot-air vulcanization which are successfully used in many rubber processing industries such as automotive.


PIXARGUS specializes in systems for automatic surface inspection and the dimensional measurement of continuously produced long products, such as profiles, tubing, tubes, cables and webs in a wide range of materials, and also for single-piece inspection.

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