Selling machinery, industrial materials and spare parts in China has been a core business activity of Melchers for over 50 years. All the sales and marketing strategies which we develop and put in place for our brand partner are geared to the different regions of China and the industries that we serve. We also offer after sales servicing throughout the entire lifespan of our brand partners’ products across China. We ensure fast response times through our own local engineers and operate service and repair centers as well as warehouses.

Our Brand Partner

DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH

DIOSNA was established in 1885 and located in Osnabrueck, Germany which produces equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Main products include,

  • Plant units for mixing, granulating, drying and coating
  • Laboratory units for mixing, granulating, drying and coating

Pamasol Willi Maeder AG

Pamasol, headquartered in Switzerland, is a worldwide well-known machine supplier for pressure filling in aerosol industry.

Steriline S.r.l

Steriline was established in 1989 and located in the North of Italy, Como which produces automatic equipment for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Main products include,

  • Washing machines for vials and ampoules
  • Depyrogenating tunnels for vials, ampoules, and syringes
  • Filling, stoppering and capping machines for vials and syringes
  • Laf, cRABS, and isolators
  • Stand-alone isolator

Symex GmbH & Co. KG

Symex mixing technology is a high-efficiency system for producing emulsions and suspensions.

Hoffmann Neopac AG

The Swiss Company Hoffmann Neopac AG is a worldwide expert of high-barrier Polyfoil® tubes in the premium segments of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dental industries for capacities from 1 ml to 300 ml.

In the pharmaceutical sector the focus is on dermatology, ophthalmic, pain relief and animal health. Neopac produces tubes with excellent barrier properties, customer specific applicators and printing technologies. The company is setting high values on cleanroom technology and good manufacturing practices, research and development, innovation and sustainability.

Neopac serves their customers on a global level, with local flexibility and proximity.

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