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C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG is a global company with a wide range of competencies in diverse areas of business.

Our network of more than 17 locations across Greater China makes us a powerful, dependable partner. Our experienced employees are there to support you at local level, ensuring the successful implementation of your specific requirements.

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What Our Customers Say

“ We value C. Melchers & Co. as a competent partner to develop luxury businesses and a trustworthy provider of accounting- and corporate services for our organisation in Asia. ”

Georges A. Kern

Breitling CEO

“ Tricker’s started working with Melchers because Melchers has a very clear understanding of managing luxury brands in China. We hope to expand our market share by working with Melchers, who have experience and strength in both the physical and digital marketplace in China. ”

Martin Mason

Managing Director at R.E. Tricker Ltd

“ For more than a decade, we have been able to grow our China business remarkably thanks to the excellent support of a very engaged and knowledgeable team of Melchers. Melcher’s sales activities and technical are very well appreciated by our Chinese customers. Melchers is always receptive to new market trends and developments and provides us with detailed, well-researched market reviews and studies. We are looking forward to many more prospering years to come in regard to this perfect customer support and say sincerely THANK YOU. ”

Dr. Rolf Beckert

Head of Technical Sales of WEFA Group

“ We appreciate Melchers’ openness, reliability and determination in marketing our Swiss-made Neopac premium tubes in China’s highly competitive primary packaging market. Melchers’ China-wide infrastructure offers our customers an efficient, round-the-clock, in-market presence to help them bring their specific tube packaging solutions to reality. Together, we have succeeded in expanding customer base significantly, and achieving stable, predictable sales growth. Melchers’ services are as tailored as our customers’ requirements, and as versatile as our product range. Cooperation at the highest level. ”

Martina Christiansen

Sales Director at Hoffmann Neopac AG

“ It is AISA’s core ambition to serve our customers 24/7 around the globe. For our Asian destinations we are very happy to work with Melchers as dedicated long-term sales and service partner. Together we have further successfully strengthened our service set up 2021 in South Korea to maximize performance and lifecycle of our equipment, deliver excellent regional technical support services to ensure our customers being satisfied. Covid is no excuse for us for not becoming active, it is our motivation and stimulus! Thank you to Melchers for being our dependent and agile partner. ”

Stéphane Roux

Customer Service Director at AISA Automation Industrielle SA

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