Packaging of Cosmetics & Daily Care

Reform and innovation of packaging are essential to the development of cosmetics and personal care products. The trend of packaging in the future will mostly focus on environmental sustainability, practicality and intelligence. As a result, it can establish a deep connection with consumers and offer them an interesting experience.

At Melchers, we collaborate with strong, innovative manufacturers of tube-production equipment, production lines, and package decoration machinery for cosmetic and personal care products. With advanced technologies and efficient technical support, we are committed to helping these companies retain and improve their leading positions in the Chinese market and provide long-term business success.
Since our start in Greater China more than 150 years ago, we strive to represent our partners in a way that suits their specific requirements for long-term success. Read here what one of our long-standing partners says about our cooperation:

“It is AISA’s core ambition to serve our customers 24/7 around the globe. For our Asian destinations we are very happy to work with Melchers as dedicated long-term sales and service partner, entering year 35 (!) of our cooperation in 2022. Together we have further successfully strengthened our service set up 2021 in South Korea to maximize performance and lifecycle of our equipment, deliver excellent regional technical support services to ensure our customers being satisfied.

Covid is no excuse for us for not becoming active, it is our motivation and stimulus! Thank you to Melchers for being our dependent and agile partner.”


Our Brand Partner

AISA Automation Industrielle SA

AISA Automation Industrielle SA is a private company based in Switzerland.

AISA was founded in 1962 and is today the world’s well-known supplier of equipment for innovative laminate and seamless plastic tube packaging production. We have a very solid heritage of experience, invention and confidence. Motivated since 4 generations by a tradition of innovation and passion which contributes to the success of our clients and partners.

Aisa creates value for customers by engaging innovative technology across business boundaries and delivering unique solutions applied to a wide range of industry concerns which is why over than 1000 machines are installed in over 200 customer sites worldwide.

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Main Products

Breyer Extrusion GmbH

Breyer GmbH, located in Singen, Germany, is one of the world’s well-known companies for the development and manufacture of sophisticated extrusion systems to produce mono and multi-layer plastic tubes. As a response to the new market trend of laminate tubes for the cosmetic industry, Breyer has also developed a specific extrusion line for the production of coextruded laminate foil.

With decades of experience, coupled with numerous innovations and new ideas, Breyer extrusion lines offer excellent, reliable performance on an ever-changing and extremely demanding market and have an outstanding reputation in the extrusion sector.


DECOSYSTEM started its activity in 2001 with the goal of developing artificial vision technologies for the quality control of printed and decorated products.

This high-specialized target has led to a growing team of engineers and technicians who are expert either in image-analysis or in printing technologies.

Thanks to this competent and professional team and thanks to continuous investments in research and development DeCoSystem reached great results becoming one of leader companies of the market.

Today DeCoSystem is an international company and its products are worldwide recognized as the top-level print inspection systems regarding the entire packaging industry.

The company counts more than 2000 installations in the field and a unique product line for completeness in all sectors of print inspection:

  • silk screen, offset and hot-stamping on plastic or aluminium objects
  • silk screen on glass
  • flexo and rotogravure for flexible packaging
  • offset for continuous forms and patient information slip
  • offset for sheet and cardboard
  • offset e flexo for labels and multiple foil material
  • digital printing

DeCoSystem ensures customers an efficient service thanks to:

  • delivery of “turnkey” equipments
  • flexibility either in the integration on line or in software customization
  • technical service with very quick response
  • great experience build up working close to printing line operators

The aim of DeCoSystem has always been the optimization of the printing process and the satisfaction of customers needs and requirements.

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Main Products

ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen

The more than 60 years of experience and definitive engineering skills of ISIMAT, based in Ellwangen in Germany’s southwest, are paired with the global strength and innovative energy of the Kurz Group.

ISIMAT’s expertise, combined with a service and sales network that covers Europe, Asia and America, opens up unique market opportunities and competitive advantages for customers from the packaging, glass, plastics, and cosmetics industries around the globe.

Fully automated printing machines designed by ISIMAT for print finishing allow revolutionary processes to facilitate the versatile design of the packaging. Isimat was the first manufacturer ever to develop a patented decoration option it calls inLINE FOILING® that allows products such as glass bottles, glass drinkware, jars, and tubes to be finished with durable, absolute top-quality metallic decors in a simple, fast and cost-effective way.

State-of-the-art machine design with integrated CNC technology ensures print quality, print speeds, reliability, and productivity to match the very highest demands.

Hoffmann Neopac AG

The Swiss Company Hoffmann Neopac AG is a worldwide expert of high-barrier Polyfoil® tubes in the premium segments of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dental industries for capacities from 1 ml to 300 ml.

In the pharmaceutical sector the focus is on dermatology, ophthalmic, pain relief and animal health. Neopac produces tubes with excellent barrier properties, customer specific applicators and printing technologies. The company is setting high values on cleanroom technology and good manufacturing practices, research and development, innovation and sustainability.

Neopac serves their customers on a global level, with local flexibility and proximity.

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Main Products

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