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Oil and gas play an important role in the development of the national economy and strategic security. However, this industry is currently under tremendous pressure to transform, striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change-related risks.
At Melchers, we are focusing on stable partnerships with top-quality manufacturers, developing adaptive process equipment and components. With many years of experience, we understand and can meet the detailed requirements of state-owned gas companies, domestic and international EPC contractors.

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Eagle Filters is a market-expert in air filtration solutions for Gas Turbines. The products of Eagle Filters protect Gas Turbine performance, guarantee the longest possible service life, and a low heat rate.

Eagle Filters has been developing innovative and efficient air filtration systems since 1995, established in Kotka, Finland. Today, the products are used on every continent, providing high-quality and cost-beneficial filtration solutions for clients. The return on investment is very short.

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Josef Emmerich Pumpenfabrik GmbH was founded in Cologne in 1945 and is still an independent, growth oriented company, with the corporate headquarters located in Hönningen-Liers, Germany.

With more than 70 years’ experience, Josef Emmerich is one of the well-known specialists in the pumping of slurries in high-pressure applications. Piston diaphragm pumps are the core business.

The product development is characterized by innovation in the field of pump and material technology. This innovation is transparent in everything we do, from design and production, right through to marketing and sales.

Advantages of the piston diaphragm technology in general:

  • volumetric working principle will deliver a (nearly) fixed volume against (nearly any) pressure
  • operation at high pressure, in relation to flowrate
  • max. 70 hubs / minute will cause a very gentle operating
  • velocity in valve1-1,5 m/s, will reduced wear and tear to a minimum
  • internal hydraulic pilot system can control the flow and protect against pressure
  • hermetic closed sealing system with double-diaphragm system for maximum reliability
  • self priming pump, and dry run-proof
  • low energy consumption by using electrical energy instead of pressurized air
  • hydraulic efficiency of more than 90%

Product design philosophy of Emmerich pumps:    

  • Each pump is designed for lowest lifecycle cost possible
  • Material selection always based on technical and economical requirements
  • Each pump is customized on the individual needs of the application
  • Modular construction principle to balance the need for customization in the product and the need of standardization in the production process
  • High vertical integration. All key-a components are manufactured inhouse to control and secure highest quality standard
  • Maintenance friendly by design. Inspections and maintenance holes for repair service “as easy as possible” . Each part can be changed independent from others.
  • Highest possible spare part availability
  • Special solutions as “problem solvers” when other pump technologies are reaching their limits

Liquids to be pumped with Emmerich pumps: 

  • High pressure
  • Especially high pressure in relation to the flow
  • Transport of slurry via long pipeline (high pressure)
  • Self-priming is needed
  • Solids in the liquid
  • Abrasive liquid
  • Chemical aggressive liquid
  • Increased viscosity (up to 10.000mPas)

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Main Products

Series TKM
Series ER – NPPH
Series SP
Series ZDKM

Boehmer GmbH

Boehmer GmbH has more than 60 years’ experience as a well-known manufacturer of ball valves. The main areas of Boehmer ‘s activity are the gas, district heating and oil sectors, with particular emphasis on applications for power stations, offshore/onshore, transportation and distribution pipelines, compressor and transfer stations. With a large number of special materials, production processes, approvals and certifications, Böhmer’s products also cover virtually all other applications in which ball valves are used.

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