Corporate Services

Whether you are new to the market or have been operating in the country for a decade, at Melchers, we act and serve as your China partner, working alongside you toward your goals in the region.

We have been offering corporate services to businesses in all phases for the past decade and a half. From a launch debut to company restructuring to operational expansion – our specialists and industry-leading service offerings are bound to help take your company and team wherever you need to go.

To truly understand the potential of your business in China, we provide our partners services in the following areas as full or group-packaged solutions.

“In a time of need, the team of Melchers China stood by our side to support our reorganization efforts in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Not only has the team taken over the Corporate Service functions, they have also supported on various improvement projects. With Melchers, we found a reliable partner with shared corporate values, a capable and reliable team combined with a pragmatic and hands-on approach.“

Patrick Kaminski – Managing Director China at Sebapharma

Our Competencies at a Glance


More often than not, financial structuring and management can grow to become an administrative burden. However, the successful management of this function is the backbone of any strong organisation.

The financial services we offer our partners range from accounting and bank account management to reporting and ERP system handling. On top of this, our market experts also provide budgeting and financial planning support so that you can rest easy knowing that your books are being taken care of and focus on driving your business forward in China.


The success of a company begins with the strength of its foundation. We assist companies entering and expanding into China, establishing legal entities from joint ventures to representative offices to Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises, unifying them with the most appropriate corporate structure.

Beyond these initial phases, our team manages all aspects of the ongoing maintenance that comes with having a company in China. This includes assisting with the company incorporation process, including operational set-up, providing an office address and organising a company secretary to liaise with banks on your behalf.


Corporate governance functions are essential to your business in China and having trust in these functions is of the utmost importance. However, over the decades, we have found that partners often underestimate expectations and requirements within this realm.

As a long-standing trustworthy company in China, we can deliver considerable added value in this regard. Aside from supporting specific processes within this key aspect of your organisation, we can also provide the essential personnel required. This includes your business’s legal representative – a necessary management function that requires specific registration with authorities.

By having our experienced team by your side, we support and protect your staff and business in China, as well as the interests of the parent company back at home.


Navigating China’s legal and compliance landscape is a necessary capability for any organisation looking to do business in the local market long-term. We have in-house lawyers and legal partners to help you every step of the way, from setting up the organisation to ensuring intellectual property protection as you scale.

This way, while we work to legally safeguard your business and assist with compliance across all functions, you can keep your eye and focus firmly planted on growth.


As your China partner, we act on your behalf to handle shipments, liaise with necessary parties, handle all mandatory custom compliance and provide solutions for a smooth supply chain. With our on-the-ground support at major logistic hubs within China, your team and organisation can seamlessly source and distribute shipments across, into and out of the country.

With our own storage facilities across China and abroad combined with our inventory management services, you can rest assured that the goods and inventory of your customers and partners remain both stable and secure.


A successful company is built on its people. It is with this understanding that, over the past century and a half, we have intently built and cultivated a dedicated in-house human resource team intimately familiar with China’s labour laws and practices to help with all your company’s human resource needs.

Today, we work with our partners on a range of facets within this area, such as recruitment, visa handling, payroll, and retirement funds set-up.


Technology is the lifeline of our hyper-connected, integrated, and modern world. With that, we can offer you the necessary internal and external technical support to establish and grow your presence on the digital grid while ensuring that all your cyber activities remain legally compliant with, for example, cyber and data security regulations.

Whether server, domain or web-related, we have the expertise and experience to ensure your business makes its mark and fulfils its full potential, online and offline, in China.


With offices in over 10 locations across Greater China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, we can cater to teams looking for single desks in our open office space or sales teams that need a separate room to themselves.

With an integrated office environment, constant IT support and disciplinary management, we have the space, support, and infrastructure ready so you can directly move in and hit the ground running.

Learn more about what we have done for our brand partner.

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