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Melchers Group and SAVinsight join forces to set-up an accredited service center for watches and jewelry in Shanghai

The Melchers Group and SAVinsight create a joint venture in China by setting-up a 360-degree service facility in Shanghai, China in H1/2023. Brands will be able to rely on an independent and accredited partner for their customers in China – whether retailers or watch owners – to provide unparalleled after-sales service on their behalf.

The service center will be a home for brands that have no after-sales presence in China and for those that have a repair and service set-up in the country, but want access to complementary high-quality skills and capabilities.

For 40 years, Melchers has gained extensive experience in the watch and jewelry industry in Greater China and Southeast Asia. Melchers represents renowned luxury brands from Switzerland and Europe in Asia, as well as operates after-sales service centers in premium and luxury segments.

The founders of SAVinsight, a Neuchâtel-based start-up from Switzerland, are very familiar faces in the Swiss watchmaking industry. SAVinsight is on its way to optimize the after-sales service landscape by granting an access to its international network of certified service centers, its digital repair management platform, and its consulting services expertise as well as accreditation services.

“We are proud that the Melchers Group has chosen to partner with SAVinsight to establish and operate a top-notch watch and jewelry after-sales service in China. SAVinsight’s expertise in after-sales service, combined with the Melchers Group’s extensive experience in Asia, ensures a robust turnkey solution to provide service excellence based on trust,” explains Roland Hirschi, SAVinsight’s CEO.

“We are excited that SAVinsight joins Melchers to operate our first multi-brand watch and jewelry service center in Shanghai. SAVinsight’s watch industry knowledge complements our market experience of the Asian luxury market. Luxury watches can be sold online, but cannot be unboxed, repaired nor assessed online. It requires a physical presence of highly skilled watchmakers and jewelers providing a reliable and consistent level of service offering a compliant organization that has the confidence and trust of the brand partner and the watch owner. This is what we stand for”, states Anton Melchers, CEO Melchers China.

The service center network across China is set to define the standard of authorized multi-brand watch and jewelry repair centers in China. This is achieved by strictest workshop practice and regular assessments by SAVinsight, as well as the highest level of Swiss watchmaking equipment and technology.

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