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Melchers China takes action to assist the fight against the effects of the Coronavirus

In the beginning of 2020, an infectious disease named COVID-19 affected China. Chinese health officials have reported tens of thousands of cases of COVID-19 in the country. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those dealing with the health impacts related to the coronavirus,” said Melchers China CEO Anton Melchers.

In the fight against the novel coronavirus, we see many of the healthcare workers around the country who are working in the front line of epidemic control and prevention under the condition of material shortage. Patients and recovered people are often stigmatized and discriminated against. To support the struggle of the frontline workers and the affected people, the Melchers China organization has made two donations with the value of 50,000 RMB to local charities.

Melchers will support the project “Backing of the Guardians”, which was initiated by the Beijing Thanksgiving Public Welfare Foundation. The project is helping first responders and frontline personnel who were infected, injured or died in their line of fighting against the novel coronavirus by providing medical and financial support to them and their families.

In Shanghai, Melchers will support the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center through the Shanghai United Foundation. The center is a special hospital for treating COVID-19 patients. It aims to eliminate discrimination on infectious disease and to arouse social attention on public health through a set of activities.

With a longstanding history in China, Melchers has remained loyal and supportive to its workforce and the local communities it operates in. Anton Melchers said “Through our donation, it is our sincere hope that we can help to ease the burden on local aid workers, medical personnel, and affected people.”

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