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For More Effective and Sustainable Aircraft Carpet Cleaning: SHOU Solution Expands to China in Partnership with Melchers

SHOU Solution, headquartered in the Netherlands, focuses on the aviation cleaning industry and offers solutions for aircraft cabin carpets and seat covers. As the exclusive sales agent of SHOU Solution in Mainland China, Melchers will handle all sales and inquiries from customers throughout Mainland China about the products, tools and machines offered by SHOU Solution for the aviation industry.

SHOU’s cleaning solutions at least double the expected carpet lifespan, resulting in considerable savings in carpet replacement costs, while improving the passenger experience and reducing carpet waste. The SHOU products are safe, tested and approved according to Lufthansa Technik, Boeing, and Airbus requirements. They are suitable for aircraft carpets produced by major flooring manufacturers, including the professional high-end ANKER carpets for commercial aircraft, which are also distributed by Melchers in China.

Melchers has been active in the aviation industry through its business unit Melchers Aviation Technical Service (MATS), in China for over a decade. Today, MATS is the local agency of several well-known international aviation suppliers in China. Its product range extends from aircraft parts, and components, including cabin interiors, specialized tooling for Airbus and Boeing repairs through ground support equipment (GSE) to IFS supplied products. The customer base consists mainly of aircraft manufacturers (OEMs), airlines, maintenance service companies (MROs), aircraft leasing companies, and other service providers in the aviation industry in China.

For more information about the company SHOU Solution and its products, please contact Jason Yang, Sales Manager of Aviation Service at Melchers China, by email at [email protected].

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