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Creating Retail Experience Online

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has affected the retail industry on a global scale. Brick-and-mortar retail is currently going through a transitional period to cope with that. While many shoppers have increased their standard amount of online shopping, many are still craving to have in-store experience. The challenge for brands is being able to provide that to their consumers, now.

Experience needs to provide three essential keys to consumers:

– Personalization

– Memorable

– Customizable

These three parts combined help consumers to grow loyalty towards a particular brand, generates excitement for its products, and can ultimately help to increase sales.

Generally, in-store interaction has been a standard for creating experience for consumers. Pop-up stores, events, in-store technology, and in-store product customization are just a few ways that consumers can interact with a brand in-person. Now that the Covid-19 outbreak has effected markets on a global-scale, providing in-store experience for consumers is not fully possible.

Many brands are finding ways to bring new and unique experiences to their consumers online. Recently, fashion brands participating in Shanghai Fashion week utilized live-stream portals to actively participate and showcase their new product lines online.

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Another way brands can connect consumers to their offline space is by providing a 3D walk through of the retail space. This can be a simple video that takes the viewer through the store space to a more in-depth VR experience.

A 3D walk through helps to showcase the design of the space. Whether it’s of the actual retail store, of a pop-up store, or event space. It allows brands to connect with media partners and customers to create excitement for future in-person events. It can also encourage and inspire consumers to visit the online store and look at products more in-depth.

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A VR experience facilitates the same connection as a 3D walk through but incorporates more features. As users walk through the space, they can interact with items in the store. By selecting an item, customers can view a real-life image of the object and read more about the product details and connect to the online store to purchase.

Augmented reality is another way for customers to interact with brands online. Customers can select the item that they are interested in purchasing and virtually try it on by pointing the camera at themselves and seeing what it would look like on them through the viewfinder.

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There are many advantages to providing this experience to consumers. Here are the key advantages of utilizing one of these technologies:

– Customers can explore the space right now.

– Promote your brand.

– Upgrade your brand image.

– Enhance your existing brand strategy.

Adapting quickly in a fast-changing and turbulent environment is a true test of your brand strategy. Utilizing new tools that align with your brand strategy in a new way will only help reinforce your brand presence and reliability to your consumers. There’s no better time to enhance your omni-channel strategy than right now. Promoting your brand in a new way will send a message to your customers that your brand is in the future now. Brands need to explore new ideas to stay relevant with consumers despite the current constraints. Doing so will benefit your brand both now and in the future.


This blog post was originally published by Melchers’ Retail Partner 5 Star Plus Retail Design, an interior design company specializing in the branded design of retail stores and restaurants. The original post can be found here.


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