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HydroTracer HT3

Mobile measuring device for residual water in solids

For over 20 years, the HydroTracer has been supporting our customers in the plastics processing industry when it comes to reliably determining the residual moisture of granulates, powders or finished parts.


  • Measurement of trace moisture using calcium hydride
  • Absolute water content
  • High Accuracy, resolution 0.01 mg \ 1 ppm \ 0.0001 % H2O
  • Simple Operation, software-assistant with picture und text instructions

Compared to other methods such as the weight-loss method or capacitive moisture measurement, the HydroTracer as an absolute measuring instrument offers the advantage of measuring the actual water content. Therefore, it is not necessary to calibrate the measuring device to the respective material.

How does it work?

  1. A material sample is placed in the sample pan and heated. Water steams out of the specimen.
  2. The humid gas flows into the upper, cooled area of the measuring chamber.
  3. The measuring powder contained in a capsule exchanges the water for hydrogen.
  4. The gas sensor measures the hydrogen concentration which equals the introduced amount of water.
  5. The cooled, dry gas sinks into the lower part of the measuring chamber and can absorb water again.


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