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PED Containment Bag

In recent years Innovint developed a new product: The PED Containment Bag is a lithium-ion fire containment bag. The bag is a professional solution to cope with incidents throughout the aircraft cabin, which is caused by thermal runaways of lithium-ion batteries used in Portable Electronic Devices (PED). The PED Containment Bag is able to contain faulty devices, which benefits of fire-proof materials with a temperature resistance of up to 1,000 centigrade. This helps to protect the passengers, crewmembers and cabin environment from fire or hazard. In addition, the PED Containment Bag can be used as a safe transport within the cabin in order to conduct next step of safe cool-down of the defective PED.

Product characteristics

  • Lithium-ion fire containment bag
  • Supports EASA SIB No.: 2009-22R1
  • Supports FAA AC 120-80A
  • Supports ICAO Doc 9481 AN/928
  • Protects cabin crew, passengers and cabin environment
  • Temperature resistance of up to 1,000°C
  • Robust build-up withstands highly-intensive thermal runaways
  • Safely cool-down of the faulty PED

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