Shirley Lau

Work location: Hong Kong

I have been a member of the Melchers family in Hong Kong since 1994. I departed for about a year in 2000 but returned and stayed since then. Melchers‘s global success, the friendly and supportive leadership and peers, along a convenient and beautiful office location, attracted me to join. The view of the sea and the HK-Macau helicopter airport from the office was a positive first impression and is a view I continue to enjoy.

Hermann Melchers founded Melchers & Co. Hong Kong in 1866. Business volume grew rapidly because the company’s structure was ideally suited for the growing Chinese trade. Replying on the China know-how of its many employees, Melchers was able to offer valuable insight for marketing consumer goods in Europe to Chinese customers, along with effective sales and installation of technical products to the Chinese industry. Later, management expanded its offering of world-class reliable goods such as the Bosch line in Asia. Our business unit consisted of 2 main groups: Export Department (textiles, accessories, etc.) and Import Department (Bosch, Machinery, Building materials, Hotel supplies, household appliances, inks, chemicals, metals, etc.) Melchers Hong Kong has developed into a diversified international service provider with a team of 19 employees. Our core businesses are Medical Care, Building Products, Trading & Sourcing, and Corporate Services.

During my nearly three decades with Melchers, I have held a variety of roles.  Initially an executive assistant, I supported the Building Materials and Engineering departments and our Managing Director Mr. Nicolas Helms under GA5. Each day provided unique opportunities to serve and to learn about Melchers’s business offerings, strategic growth opportunities for Melchers, executive mindset, and more.  In short, there were plentiful reasons that kept me engaged and excited to be part of Melchers.

In 2001, I accepted the role of Sales and Purchase Supervisor in the BOSCH Department with Mr. Max Pfaettisch. In 2016, I was promoted to General Manager at Trading and Sourcing Department. During the years that followed, I rotated through and contributed to key teams such as Construction, Consulting, AutoForm, Bosch / AEG Power Tools, Bosch Rexroth, Metal and Chemicals divisions.  My strong team spirit and work ethic have been instrumental in forming and maintaining successful strong business relationships with Melchers colleagues in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. These days, I continue to wear multiple hats; mainly to focus on Trading and Souring oversight. Trading – I handle MTE business in Hong Kong, Chemicals, Tricker’s shoes, Metals business for Philippines office, and Machinery business for the Sri Lanka office. Sourcing & Business Development – I identify, build and improve business relationships and networks for growth opportunities. My deep understanding of the Melchers diverse product line and service offerings and broad understanding of our sales teams, target to increase revenues. I have also been handling various tasks of AutoForm Asia Pacific since 2008.

The most unforgettable work experience is from my early years with Melchers Hong Kong. As a recent graduate with limited experience, my mind was hungry for new knowledge, adventure and more. At that time, I was very lucky to meet many experienced Managers who were willing to mentor me on the business world, how to identify opportunities and grow my career. The valuable insight and experiences provided by the Melchers leaders and team members in various positions I interacted with helped me grow to where I am today.

Melchers provides a stable working environment and different job opportunities, allowing me to learn different levels of work. The management is very friendly and considerable of the employees. The supportive Melchers leadership team, growth opportunities and the lasting friendships are an integral aspect of my life that I feel happy and fortunate to have.

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