I joined Melchers in August 2021. Before I came to Melchers, I was a sales associate at Gucci. My years of retail experience allowed me to master a set of effective communication and sales skills. When I applied for the position of Sales & Marketing Assistant for the brand Tricker’s represented by Melchers, I was impressed by the long history and business developments that both the Melchers Group and Tricker’s had. I am honored to be working for such a company. I am also excited that this opportunity will help me deepen my knowledge in the B2C sector, an area I would like to spend my career in.

As the youngest employee of this company with a history of 155 years, I feel that I can learn a lot and develop my skills further. I believe the company and colleagues can help me grow. Melchers brings colleagues from all around the world, different departments, and different business fields together. With each individual bringing their own unique experience from their respective fields, I am able to learn a lot in the my work environment. The company’s quality level and strong cultural background enables each colleague to bring out their own strengths. With the resources provided, we can take initiatives and complete tasks better than expected results, both internally and externally. Within this past year, I’ve noticed that I’m always full of excitement and energy and have grown and learned a lot since joining Melchers. Just like in the picture of the Melcher’s trading merchant ship that I have seen, we ride the wind and waves with Melchers. My favorite part of Melchers consists of multi-department team cooperation, working closely with others during projects and a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

I learned that product marketing for products, that are similar in structure and price, are very different when it comes to brand marketing, promotion, content communication and market operation. Along with my previous experience in the luxury industry, Melchers has taught me a lot in the business field of B2C and an in-depth knowledge of the handmade footwear industry. My main responsibility is to handle orders from Mainland China and Hong Kong. I communicate with customers, deliver the latest brand trends and information, carry out store visits, and on-site trainings, etc. At the same time, I also manage the Red account of the brand, select suitable materials and editors for copywriting, and regularly publish and promote them.

“Buy less and buy more high-quality products”, is what our brand has been trying to deliver. According to the official records of the British Tricker’s brand, the longest worn pair of Tricker’s shoes has been with its owner for 75 years. This pair of handmade shoes accompanied him through the war and the rapid development afterwards. When the gentleman was interviewed, he still firmly said: “I still think this pair of Tricker’s is the most valuable investment of my life.” This is the charm of the handmade footwear industry. Tricker’s is one of the few brands in the industry that still maintain traditional techniques, adhere to high standards of technology, fulfill social responsibilities, and are committed to environmental protection and sustainable circular development. I am very proud of these measures.

The pandemic has a varying impact on various industries. This period also provided us with an opportunity to take a step back and review the development of the brand in Mainland China and Hong Kong over the past two years. We were able to improve some details, that had temporarily been put aside due to the focus on expansion in the past. We identified this very well and have made good use of this time.
I hope to meet and communicate with customers as soon as possible and implement several key activities and projects, which is the strategic plan for our brand this year. We must continue to be heard in the market, transmit information about positive developments, and ensure the leadership of the brand in the industry.

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