Kim Cui

Work location: Beijing

I am from Beijing. Headhunting consultants recommended me. Then, Melchers conducted four rounds of interviews. Finally, I was honored to join Melchers in September 2020. At present, it is in the initial stage of Tricker’s brand business, and all the work is almost done from scratch. This part of daily work business is divided into three parts: First: docking with the British brand side. Second, establish all the internal management systems of Tricker’s. Third: facing the wholesale and retail market in the Chinese mainland. We hold at least one or two video conferences with British brands every month to deliver information promptly. At the same time, this period is more to establish and improve the internal preparation work and system establishment before business, such as formulating retail price system in China and Hong Kong, distribution policy for partners, etc. In the weekly work plan, we should also arrange a reasonable time to visit the market and pass on the Tricker’s market strategy and the most timely information communication to the retailers in the next year.

This company, which has been in the Chinese market for a hundred years, continues to write a legend. Melchers attaches importance to the corporate culture and employee experience, is honest and trustworthy to employees and partners, and the business philosophy of business development is reliable, stable, and sustainable. If you want to contribute your strength and enthusiasm to its development, the company is worthy of your respect. I usually report and communicate with my boss directly in my daily work. The respect and trust he gives me make me have a greater sense of responsibility, and I am more willing to take the initiative to undertake some work things. Since our project is almost from scratch, many things do not have a specific boundary of responsibility, so it is more important to drive to participate in more work cooperation. It is a great honor to work in an enterprise that has been in the Chinese market for a century. Feel the penetration of corporate culture in daily work. Encouragement and preciseness multiply, correction and respect coexist. If you are willing to spend a little time on the daily review and summary of self-work, if you have such receptors, then you can feel that the business can be done relatively “artistically”, which is a very wonderful feeling.

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