Edward Wang

Work location: Shanghai

I started working in Melchers China’s Shanghai office at the end of September 1992. My department was called Mefe (now part of the Machinery & Industrial business area). At that time our Shanghai office was not big and had only 13 employees including me, but that period is very precious to me: our company was based in a room at the International Guido Hotel in Shanghai. Although it was small, the family-like working atmosphere impressed me as a newcomer, helping me quickly integrate into the company.

Melchers does a great job in terms of support for its staff. The company is managed to create a free and relaxing working environment for its staff to grow, which leads to positive relationships between co-workers and thus more commitment from them to create more value for the company. I benefit a lot from this good ecosystem, not only my workability has been improved and brought into play, but also all of us can constantly learn from and be encouraged by each other.

When I first joined Melchers, my responsibility was to sell machinery and equipment to customers in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Due to the expansion of our business and the increasing trend of market segmentation, I handed over the pharmaceutical business line to another colleague in 2000, while I chose to concentrate on the cosmetic industry. I enjoyed my role in sales which was a challenging job, and I continued on this career path: I was promoted to Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager, and Sales Director until the end of 2021. Then I retired and was re-employed, and now I am working as Senior Business Consultant for Melchers.

Melchers is very different from when I first joined. It is related to the radical changes in China’s economy and market in the past 20 years. I was lucky that I worked in a period of rapid growth in the Chinese market. As a direct result of this historical opportunity, I have maintained an excellent and consistent performance throughout my career. Melchers has a trading DNA that has driven it to always look for and develop new business opportunities. In the last years, Melchers developed more new types of business in addition to its original traditional import and export business, for example, we are increasingly providing corporate services to foreign companies operating in China in all phases.

I felt very proud at the moment of my retirement, not because the job was over, but because I was proud to have worked for Melchers for 30 years. Every working day was busy and full of challenges as well as energy. Choose excellent partners to work with, and work hard, this is what I have learned from my career. If I were young enough, I would like to work at Melchers for another 30 years!

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