Doreen Liu

Work location: Shanghai

I come from Jiangsu Province. After I saw the recruitment advertisement from 51job in 2010, I surveyed the company’s background. I learned that this is an old German foreign company with a good cultural atmosphere and working environment, and there is a large space for promotion. So I did not hesitate to submit my resume. I was fortunate to get the interview opportunity and passed the interview smoothly. In the past ten years, I have been loyal to the Melchers Company, learned different styles from different bosses, and kept growing. At present, I also work as an assistant to the managing director of our entity. My duties in the after-sales service management include: collect customer service demand, be responsible for the deployment of technical personnel, audit and control the travel expenses of technical personnel, coordinate and solve major and unique problems, achieve customer satisfaction, review service quotation, sign service contract, track and manage large-scale service projects, and establish after-sales service information management system.

Duties for Assistant to the Managing Director: assist the company’s accounting work and provide accounting information to the finance department. Master the company’s main activities, put forward handling opinions or suggestions, and provide various reports required by the management for senior managers’ reference and decision-making. Assist the managing director in coordinating the daily operation and management work, participating in the discussion of the company’s annual business objectives, making suggestions, and completing other tasks assigned by the managing director. I hope that no matter what I do, I can do a good job. Getting the approval of the boss is the biggest incentive for me.

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