Dennis He

Work location: Shanghai

I am from Liaoning. I now live in Suzhou, Jiangsu. I joined Melchers in early August 2020. I worked with Mr. Martin Wachholz in another German company. After Martin’s introduction, he learned that the position of senior sales manager is responsible for equipment sales in the packaging industry.

One afternoon in June 2020, Mr. Anton Melchers interviewed me in Melchers Shanghai office, focusing on my work experience and understanding of sales, business development, and market. I finally chose to join this company, because some products and cooperative manufacturers always remain competitive, while others need to be constantly updated. They have high requirements for sales ability and expansion ability, are full of challenges, and will also bring a sense of achievement.

I am responsible for equipment upgrading and daily sales of parts of existing cooperative manufacturers (AISA, BREYER, ISIMAT, Pamasol). Through online (such as WeChat official account, personal WeChat contacts), offline (exhibition, conference, forum) action to promote publicity. Pay attention to the needs of industry customers, actively look for new cooperative manufacturers, improve product structure, and strive to provide customers with supporting solutions.

What I enjoy most is teamwork. As a trading company, we should not only represent the interests of Melchers but also the interests of cooperative manufacturers and meanwhile take into account the interests of customers. Therefore, we should carry out multi-party coordination. In a project, it is often necessary to cooperate across departments or even companies, get multi-party support and finally achieve the desired results. The ability to judge the development trend of the industry or market is the most helpful to me in my work. Only when we have a clear understanding of the industry or market demand and even have a clear judgment and prediction of the development trend in the future, can we determine the correct development direction and find promising cooperative manufacturers, and the company will develop sustainably.

Melchers is a company with a history of more than 200 years. It has experienced world changes, turbulence, and even ups and downs. It can still develop healthily after the waves wash the sand. To a large extent, it should be attributed to constantly adjusting its direction to adapt to the development of the times and market demand. I am most proud to work for such an enterprising and changing company.

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