Catherine Zeng

Work location: Guangzhou

I come from Guangzhou. In 1995, the friendship company of Guangdong Province introduced me to Guangzhou Oriental Hotel for an interview. Mr. Spenga, the former German boss, interviewed me. I was deeply impressed by Melchers brand partners’Brabender’s high-quality products and German’s excellent working methods. Besides, the long history and diversified corporate culture of Melchers in China deeply attracted me. I was responsible for the instrument testing of plastics, food, and flour, which was related to my major, which prompted me to stay. Usually, I need to be proficient in various instruments’ principles to be promoted and read the various relevant latest information. I am mainly responsible for the promotion and sales of Brabender brand instruments To establish close contact with Chinese scientific research institutions, universities, grain, starch, food, tobacco, and plastic industry customers, including research institutes, universities, large flour mills, starch factories, monosodium glutamate factories, instant noodle groups, food factories, feed factories, additive companies and tobacco and grass groups in China.

I often need to take German factory owners and engineers to visit domestic customers, participate in various seminars and large-scale exhibitions, translate a lot of technical materials and business problems, conduct various technical and business exchanges on-site, track projects for a long time, and solve problems in the early stage, help customers make key bidding technical declaration and demonstration, and assist customers in bidding negotiation. I need to report to the boss in time so that the company can make correct decisions.

The boss and colleagues from Germany often came to give me training and visit customers together. Chinese employees are responsible for communicating with domestic customers, while German colleagues are responsible for communicating with manufacturers. At that time, there were not many domestic employees. They usually sent telegrams to German headquarters, and all messages needed English communication. In addition to the administrative colleagues, almost all of them need to take relevant personnel from Germany to visit domestic customers, participate in various seminars and large-scale exhibitions, translate a lot of technical materials and business problems, and conduct various technical and business exchanges on site. The colleagues in the office are very diligent and help each other. The birthday celebration ceremony is held for colleagues, and outdoor travel and other group building activities are arranged by the company every year.

I majored in chemistry in my undergraduate course. What Melchers provided me was the application training in chemistry and the application and business negotiation in all walks of life. The company sticks to the German’s unique diligence and risk awareness control so that the whole team can stick to the bottom line and actively do the best for customers in various fields of negotiation. For example, there are many bidding risk clauses in different places, which are often changed. However, with the company’s support, more channels and experts will give us advice in the market so that the company can sign contracts safely and efficiently and win many markets’ reputation. In the most challenging times, the company always protects employees. It makes me feel my value and feel proud of it.

The most unforgettable thing to remember when I was in the Melchers was that in 1996, my colleagues from Beijing and Shanghai went to German manufacturers for training, which lasted for half a month. I spent the first two weeks in the laboratory. At the weekend, our boss, Mr. Spenga, invited us to visit the headquarters of Bremen. It was raining at that time. Our train arrived at the Bremen railway station. We saw an old man standing with a kind smile from a distance, standing in the wind with an umbrella, looking at us. When we approached, we recognized our boss. At that time, we were very moved. Mr. Spenga drove to the company regardless of his fatigue. We gave a very detailed introduction and arranged for us to have an authentic German dinner. When I come back to China and encounter difficulties, I often think of this incident. This represents the culture of Melchers company – integrity and friendship, which makes me willing to serve and work here.

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