SPECTRO is an inline 100% Print Quality Control System integrated into the decoration machine after the last decoration station. Tubes, bottles, containers, caps, sticks, jars and many other tubular objects are controlled independently of substrate and color with the proper accuracy.

SPECTRO is equipped with a line-scan camera and it is designed and optimized to inspect the print on cylindrical objects by comparing a pre-acquired reference model with the running production.

SPECTRO is easy to use: set up a new job in less than a minute and go. The accuracy of the control can easily meet the customer quality requirements. In SPECTRO system five different standard tolerance configurations are available and it is possible to customize the Set up properties and running details in order to satisfy all customers needs.

The main defects that SPECTRO is looking for are color variations, out of register/offset, distorted print, stains, blobs, smear, voids, missing print, inhomogeneous substrate, and scratches or blisters as far as visible in the camera image

SPECTRO can easily be installed into all printing machines. Our highly qualified engineers are able to design the proper solution that fits any integration needs.


SPECTRO guarantees a powerful combination of print quality and waste reduction. Objectivity, repeatability and high accuracy of the control improve your final print quality and ensure a production without printing defects. On-line integration allows waste reduction and printing process optimization. When a defect is found, the error is displayed on the user interface and the faulty part can be automatically blown off from the line ensuring a zero defect production. The type of defect is logged in order to provide a detailed report for each job production.

SPECTRO is able to immediately detect sudden faults which affect the print result and thus significantly reduce the quantity of waste and time otherwise lost in detection of the fault and in the double production of the faulty material. The advantage reflects into lower costs and better process efficiency which increases the company’s profits and reputation.

SPECTRO ensures high levels of quality and offers the proper solution for your production processes.


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