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On-Board Wheelchair

The On-Board Wheelchair 2218-series supports the transport of disabled passengers. Light-weight design, durability, safety, appearance, and ease of operation for the cabin crew are just some of the highlights of this design.

Flip-up type armrests allow easy transfer to the individual´s passenger seat. The rear wheels have brakes incorporated which are always accessible by the accompanying person. Three belts – shoulder, leg, and foot belt – allow safe transport and transfer in the aircraft cabin.

Product characteristics

  • Ergonomic design
  • Light-weight 12 kg / 25 lbs
  • Accessible to all types of aircraft

Customized according to the seat layout we can provide a stowage rack. The L-back shell is made of aluminum honeycomb and covered with a canvas cover which can be opened by a zipper. The on-board wheelchair is fastened inside with an additional belt.

If space can be made available in existing stowage compartments, a protective bag and strap assy for fastening can be provided.

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