Sonny Sun

Work location: Shanghai

I am from Shanghai. I started to work in the Bosch Power Tools Department of Melchers in 2005. Later, I left Melchers with Bosch company. In 2008, Melcher’s industrial products’ industrial consumption department threw out an olive branch to me. At that time, I also wanted to challenge myself, so I went back to Melchers. The interview process was relatively smooth as I was a former employee. At that time, Mr. Decu asked me why did I come back for the interview? I joked that your salary is higher. My daily work is divided into three parts, sales, after-sales service, and purchasing quality control. Sales: help dealers participate in local project bidding, give technical support, product training, pre-sales technical guidance, payment reminder, etc. After-sales service: to answer the problems encountered in the use of tools and equipment engineering, tool maintenance, etc. Purchasing quality control: mainly for our brand Falcon, screening suppliers, sample testing, cost accounting, product acceptance, and so on.

Melchers is a trading company with a long history. There are various types of trade and product exchanges here. After reform and opening up, Melchers entered China again in the 1980s. After decades of exchanges and development, Melchers has established a mature sales and after-sales service network in China. In my opinion, no matter what industry you are engaged in or what position you hold, the first thing you should learn is to deal with people. From the first after-sales service work to the later sales work, it is a process of dealing with people, first with the boss, then with colleagues, of course, the most important thing is to deal with customers, and the ability to communicate with people is the primary ability of all work. When I first joined Melchers, I served in the Bosch Power Tools Department. The whole team was composed of people of all ages. My colleagues came from all over the world, and they also had rich work experience and life experience. They had their strong points and performed their duties. I got much guidance and helped from my predecessors in my work, which benefited me greatly and helped me grow rapidly during that period. This is an unforgettable memory.

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