Melchers CFCC Project

Melchers, a multicultural company with along history, has established a close partnership with the Guangzhou English Training Center for the Handicapped (GETCH). Since 2014, Melchers has been offering summer internships to GETCH students, giving them a chance to learn about the business world. This includes job fairs, job interview training and simlulation and lastly learning about important cultural differences when working in a multinational company. For the 150th anniversary of Melchers in Asia, four GETCH students will participate in a special eight week summer internship program, creating a one -of- a-kind cook book that celebrates the diversity and history of Melchers.

China has more than 80,000,000 people who live with a handicap; however only 20% of these people are actually properly integrated into society and have a job. Supporting GETCH means supporting young and ambitious individuals who have the desire and drive to contribute to society.While there still is a deficit when it comes to accepting and supporting the handicapped society in China, GETCH is proof that things are changing and society is giving more attention to those with disabilities.

We believe that cooking is a great way to make connections across cultures, religions and genders. What better way to break down barriers than through food? When we share food and ideas, we can overcome prejudice and misapprehension. Ultimately, we can achieve more together.

Different food one world!

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