The new compact version of the Farinograph

  • ICC-Standard no. 115/1
  • ISO 5530-1
  • AACC Method no. 54-21 and others

The new Farinograph-TS offers the well known Farinograph measuring principle like its predecessor and joints it with worldwide connecting software, the Brabender MetaBridge.


The Farinogram

The Farinogram shows the quality characteristics of the analyzed flour.

Water absorption:

The more water a flour can absorb at a definite consistency of a dough, the greater the dough yield per sack of flour.

  • Higher flour price due to optimal water absorption
  • Time saving in production due to constant water absorption

Dough development time: Optimum mixing time for optimum doughs

  • Efficient mixing time and settings
  • Assurance of stable product quality by identifying different particle sizes or starch damage Stability:

The longer the stability, the greater the fermentation and the higher the forces required for mixing

  • Determination of the profitable application with information on the properties of the gluten contained in the dough

Degree of softening: The sooner the weakening, the shorter the fermentation and the less the abuse the flour can withstand

Farinograph Quality Number (FQZ): The higher the FQZ, the stronger the flour



  • Compact housing with low space requirements
  • Plug & Play: ready to use
  • Modular Design, touch screen optionally available
  • New software MetaBridge features as the new user interface
  • Multi access: Tracking of tests through multiple end devices at a time
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