Cynthia Zhang

Work location: Shanghai

I am from Taiwan, China, and joined Melchers in June 2019. At first, I learned about the company through my friends. Later, I thought it was a good development platform because I had the corresponding position related to my past work experience, plus the accumulated corporate culture and diversified business direction of Melchers. My main job is destination marketing – I am responsible for promoting overseas tourism destinations in Asia, striving for large-scale business activities and incentive tourism to be held abroad. Therefore, besides being familiar with the destination’s resources, we need to actively visit corporate customers and travel agencies to let more enterprises know the destination we promote. In terms of incentive tourism and business activities, the local government and relevant suppliers can provide assistance and support.

If I use three words to describe my team, it is vitality! Originality! Professional! No matter the atmosphere of the company or their colleagues, it makes people feel very friendly. Even when they are just on the job, they can clearly feel that Melchers is like a big family, and colleagues are very willing to share and help each other. Besides, the office environment also makes people feel very free and happy. Even if there is work pressure, you can make a cup of coffee at any time, relax in a quiet corner, and then return to work; the free and relaxed atmosphere helps to improve work efficiency! This is a very attractive job. The promotion of the award destination involves a wide range of fields and involves the international situation. Therefore, we must often communicate with the relevant people at home and abroad, learn and update product information independently, and at the same time, we must master the international situation changes. Through this, we can urge ourselves to study and grow up continuously, and we can also know and understand various tourism resources and customs through our work.

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